October 31, 2012

Ouroboros - Piercing the Studio Veils

... continued

   In this very challenging duality existence, veils can be categorized in different ways.  Man's consciously self imposed veils is one kind and the unconsciously imposed veils of the game is another kind.

"Do you not know that we judge the Angels? How much rather those who are of this world?"    from 1 Corinthians 6:3

   Humanity will someday grade the angels or the so called gods.   But first, we are to judge our own selves.

   However, coming from the paradigm of our mortal forgetfulness, I feel we judge ourselves more harshly than need be.

   I suggest, in the meantime, let us forgive ourselves, pickup the pieces, make amend with Sophia and accompany her in transcending duality . Thus we shall get connected to heal ourselves and be wise enough unity awareness.

"Seek ye with wisdom.
Turn thy thoughts inward.
Close not thy mind to the flower of Light."

   There is a flower of Light stationed in our hearts.  It may grow dim or shine brighter over various lifetimes in the course of the cosmic cycle.  But it is our share of divinity and we have to look inward into this built-in portal.

   Following after outside glory is bound to ensnare because it is an act built on separation, a separation of self to a god that is without, and to a glory that our collective amnesia denies to ourselves.

   Thoth gave an account on how he did his own soul trek into time space:

He who would follow the pathway of wisdom,
open must be he to the flower of life..

He accessed the spark within his own heart by undergoing several types of abstinence or fasting:

Deep in the silence, (silence: fasting from noise)
first ye must linger until at last ye
are free from desire,
free from the longing to speak in the silence.

Abstaining from eating until we have conquered  (fasting from food)
desire for food, that is bondage of soul.

Then lie ye down in the darkness.  (darkness: fasting from lights and sights)
Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light.

   In other words, he isolated himself.  Most probably he had his own isolation chamber in the temples.  He isolated himself in order to freely access the light within.

   And from there, he undertook the following:

Centre thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness,
force into the heart and shake free
shaking it free from the bonds of the night.

Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth.
Picture the place thou desireth to see.
Vibrate back and forth with thy power.
Loosen the soul from out of its night.
Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power
until at last thy soul shall be free.

   With a predetermined time space coordinate, firmly in his dream-scape, he shook and vibrate his concentrated spark.

   In the cave of the solid rock, in a valley lit by the moon, he laid and perhaps chanted the following mantra in order to soul trek the records within the Pathalogos Library or fly over the moon.

Distance, darkness fade away,
I seek the Mystic Traveling Ray.
Reveal before my mind's bright eye,
The secrets that I wish to spy:
While keeping a mental destination: Pathalogos Library

   And for the first time, off went his soul to rejoice in freedom:

Mighty beyond words is the flame of the Cosmic,
hanging in planes, unknown to man;
mighty and balanced, moving in Order,
music of harmonies, far beyond man.

Speaking with music, singing with color,
flame from the beginning of Eternity's ALL.
Spark of the flame art thou, O my children,
burning with color and living with music.
List to the voice and thou shalt be free.

Consciousness free is fused with the Cosmic,
One with the Order and Law of the ALL.
Knew ye not man, that out of the darkness,
Light shall flame forth, a symbol of ALL.

    According to Thoth, in astral travel beyond certain barriers, the secret pathway for a safe soul trek is to go within and then towards the sun found in the center of the earth.  And from there go from circle to circle, cycle to cycle.  The hidden circle of light inside the earth is a tunnel to the sun and towards the other portals nearer the light of Source.

"Followed I then the path to the star planes, followed I then the pathway to LIGHT.

Deep into Earth's heart I followed the pathway, learning the secrets, below as above; learning the pathway to the HALLS of AMENTI; learning the LAW that balances the world.

To Earth's hidden chambers pierced I by my wisdom, deep through the Earth's crust, into the pathway, hidden for ages from the children of men."

   He went into the hollow earth and found the inner sun, the law that balances the globe, hinged towards helios and certain other portals of light.  There in the hollow of the earth, he visited the different habitations and the halls of Amenti.

   Via these tunnels, the lights of love exist for those who are worthy of wisdom.

"Seek ye the flame of the EARTH'S LIFE.
Bathe in the glare of its flame.
Follow the three-cornered pathway
until thou, too, art a flame."

   The soul trekker, Thoth, tells about the obstacles in the human studio of duality.  He told about shadow beings that crept into the governance of man.

"Unseen they come, and unseen they go.
Man, in his ignorance calls THEM from below.

Dark is the way of the DARK BROTHERS travel,
dark of the darkness not of the night,
traveling o'er Earth
they walk through man's dreams.
Power they have gained
from the darkness around them
to call other dwellers from out of their plane,
in ways that are dark and unseen by man.
Into man's mind-space reach the DARK BROTHERS."

   The dark invisible beings can enter into the minds of men who succumb to greed, enticed with power gained without earned wisdom.  Into the 4th dimensions which man accessed via his mind, these beings would be ensnaring, seeking to leave the plane where they belong.

   Thoth also talked about certain boundaries and hounds.  He has to evade some hounds whenever he attempted to soul trek these boundaries of our cosmic cycle.

"Far have I been
on my journey through SPACE-TIME,
even to the end of space of this cycle.
Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
lying in wait for he who would pass them.
In that space where time exists not,
faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
Move they only through angles.
Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

Strange and terrible
are the HOUNDS of the Barrier.
Follow they consciousness to the limits of space.
Think not to escape by entering your body,
for follow they fast the Soul through angles."

   Accordingly, Thoth has to form his soul body into an orb to lost the hounds.

"Made my body into a circle
and lost the pursuers in the circles of time."

   And he even has to move in a roundabout way and hide in circles so that these hounds cannot overtake him.  Apparently, space has folds which can be circular or angular:

"...when free from my body,
cautious ever must I be
not to move through angles,
else my soul may never be free.

Know ye, the HOUNDS of the Barrier
move only through angles
and never through curves of space.
Only by moving through curves
can ye escape them,
for in angles they will pursue thee."

   I feel the circular folds of space refers to various density overlapping a location like the earth planes.  Shifting thru these dimensions and the portals, one cannot be overtaken.   The pursuing hounds travel fast but have difficulty shifting dimensions.

   Thoth had to be as nimble as Peter Pan evading the armies of Captain Cook.

   (The inner portal inside the earth is a territory of the light masters.  We surmised in the earlier post that they are the shining ones.)

   From the above description of Thoth, we can see that behind the hologram of man's duality is a movie set with dangerous props.

   There are natural barriers that are neither dark nor light, but exist to isolate the duality game from areas for the cosmic unity expressions.

   In another post, we theorized that there were artificial beings or archons that guarded the boundary.  One possibility is that these were borrowed by our galaxy from another galaxy.  These might have come from the Andromeda galaxy.

   However, because of cosmic accident, some of these props has turned too serious that we become too homesick.

   We ourselves can create fences and barriers complete with shadows and hounds.  Most of these lie in the realm of the 4th dimension, that which is related to the mind.  In this dimension, time is flexible and consequently space, being horizontally lined in time continuum is also fluid.

   Examples of the products borne out of this dimension are the different languages, race separation, laws/government/institutions, money, religion, fears and all sorts of cultural beliefs and frozen mental paradigms.

   Many of these walls, fences and barriers have had their place, and do need to come down in order for us to transcend duality.  They can be the root of our separation from the Source and each other.

   Fictions of law can give us a reason to trash earth or harm another human being unnecessarily.  4th dimensional constructs can manifest into 3D hell among the human angels. Or at the least they could serve as blockages.

   For example, when a person becomes too anxious about achieving something, he often create a psychological barrier.  Trying too hard can create problems for the said person.

   This can be reinforced by the nature of manifestation in the 3d dimension.  There is a time lag involved wherein what is actually the now moment has not yet manifested.  In effect, we are experiencing the manifestation of our past and looking at them, we may conclude that our godlike powers to manifest do not exist.

   In our examination of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth we will encounter many terms that refer to these barriers prevalent to mortal existence.

   According to Thoth, the object of human drama is to gain more light by transmuting encountered darkness into light.

"Put forth thy effort in gaining LIGHT
on the pathway of Life.
Seek to be One with the SUN/state.
Seek to be solely the LIGHT.
Hold thou thy thought on the Oneness
of Light with the body of man.
Know that all is Order from Chaos
born into light."

   As the cosmic cycle is ending, Earth is poised for a planetary mitosis.  All these games of dualities and the rules can now be in a state of flux.  The hollow earth libraries can get connected to our internet.

   Prepare for some power outages, as we are shifting the networks into quantum technologies of the 5D hollow earth.  It's time to ride the wave of Gaia Sophia's renewal.

   In the meantime we can try to visit the wonders of hollow earth and the cosmos just like Thoth.

... to be continued

October 28, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Enuma

... continued

   So far, our mythic framework of reference hasn't yet localized towards our solar system.  So we may have to search further to unravel the conundrum of Gaia Sophia and it's inhabitants.  Therefore, here is a theory inspired by Mr. Mills.

   Let us visit the Enuma Elish records as the starting off point as it apparently was a reference to the scriptures.  This work can help us trace how the Solar system came into being. But we must have some precautions to keep in mind.  The Babylonian tale was created during the reign of Marduk who twisted all sacred knowledge he could have gotten hold of.

   Our Maldekan friend has given information that Ea or Enki accommodated some refugees from Sirius on the paradisic Earth.   Accordingly these Sirian people rode via Nibiru /Tiamat and landed on Earth to create the civilization of Lemuria.

   Marduk was given charge of Maldek while Ea with some remnant Elohims, were working on lemurs to create 3rd density beings on Earth.  The Maldekans, Sirians and Anunnakis were more like 4D density and can shift into invisibility from common man.

   The Lemurian civilization flourished and they evolved into a matriarchal society with deep spiritual connection with Gaia Sophia.  Pyramids and temple mounds were made.   The priestesses lead as they explored the spiritual and philosophical works of the Els and Elohims.

   These traditions were prevalent in Bablylon and have inspired Enuma Elish. 

   Mr. Mills opinion on this work consisted of the 3D physical paradigm and a flip-side higher dimensional point of view.  I concurred because there are realms which are hidden from view and in which events happen simultaneous to what is visible.

I.   Hollow Planet and the Planetary Logos as God/Goddess

When on high the heaven had not been named,
Firm ground below had not been called by name,
When primordial Apsu, their begetter,
And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all,
Their waters mingled as a single body,

   The point of emergence of our Solar system was precipitated by the swirl of a father logos and mother logos.   From a single vortex that captured cosmic materials into superheated state, two giant plasma orbs came out.  Their centers became portals of logoi from beings coming from near the central sun.

   Both initially consisting of hydrogen and oxygen: essentially water, Apsu and Tiamat with their superheated plasmic bodies commingled.

   As the two giant bodies of light separated further, a serpent like stretch of their plumes appeared swirling in space.   Swirling for a long time, the plumes acquired their own independent mass and axial spin.   From the two initial begetter orbs, various superheated molten balls of light created different portals for child logoi.

   Let's delve into a sphere to investigate.

   Further accretion of cosmic dusts for billions of years and the coldness of space created crusts that sealed the inner heat.   At certain thickness of the cooled mantle of a planet, the escaping gas from long periods of inner cooking had nowhere to escape.  This resulted to caverns of various sizes containing gases and liquids.

   The heavier materials settled to the center and the upper layers of the mantle sealed them further,  thus many of these caverning process met at the center.  The inertia of spin and the caverning process created bulging at the equator of the sphere.   Over billions of years accretion at this equator would have been more significant than the poles.

   With the central caverns meeting, the result was an inner concave of pressurized molten soup.   The eventual release of pressure had nowhere to go but the weaker points which are the poles.   As the poles gave way
like volcanoes, the pressurized gases burst to create the atmosphere of the planet.

   Meanwhile on the flip-side of the physical realms, Mr. Mills proposed some simultaneous events.   The heated orbs would have been tolerable only for habitation by entities which are nonphysical.  These beings from higher realms would have to create bodies which are in harmony with these fireballs.   These would be like plasma bodies.   We may call them, the shining ones.

   These shining ones were the workers that initially controlled the grid of a planet.   On this flip-side point of view, the caverning at the center of a planet were the handiwork of these beings.   And inside the central concave of the globe, they would facilitate the singularity of their powers to create a portal for the planetary logos to descend from Celestria.

   The Celestrial layers sorrounding the central sun is the realm from where the OM or Aum vibration individuated into separate awareness-es.

   I proposed that an individuation is an I Aum or I Am to which Mr. Mills agreed.   This Celestrian over-souls can further sub-individuate into beings of various degrees of I Amness as we go further towards the edge of the universe.

   In other words each being has an I Am presence within, and we therefore conclude that ye are, indeed, gods.

II. Schism in Heaven

   Now at some point in the emergence of our solar system there was a schism of the gods.   There was a disharmony among the logoi. 

   Perhaps on the physical realm it would reflect as a discordant clashing of the Schumann resonances of the spheres.   There would have been chaotic cosmic pull and push forces from their vibratory clashes.

   The shining ones inhabiting the various spheres and the logos of each globe must have had an epic tale in that cosmic cycle of time that was sensed by more spiritual 4D entities.

   I can't find a complete video recounting of the Enuma Elish without correlation with Genesis.   However, it was obvious that the said tale has propaganda for Marduk.   I would suggest, that Marduk would have twisted whatever Enki/Thoth taught in the mystery schools.   And certainly Genesis would be no exception.

    Here is the Enuma Elish text with a synopsis of the tablets.

   The gist of the story is that Tiamat/Nibiru was destroyed, the sun was silenced, Maldek or Marduk became supreme among the heavenly bodies in the system.   And later Marduk reorganized the planets and created man to at last be enthroned as a chief in Babylon.

I think several observations must be provided here:
  • a solar system can have a flexible number of members over a span cosmic cycle due to the many galactic possibilities: 
  •  a moon can be promoted to a planet category or vice versa
  •  other nomad planets can enter and be adopted
  •  a planet can be ousted or destroyed due to cosmic forces
  •    Thus the claim of Mr. Sitchin of the how Nibiru became the 12th or 10th planet may not hold true especially that he included the moon and the sun in his count.   Instead the count could include the counter Earth/Antichthon and the exploded planet.
  • the original name of a planet can change due to the different cycles and the changes in its occupant who then renames it
  • I would suggest that since Marduk was in command due to Ea's absence, the imploded planet was renamed Maldek or Marduk, intendedly implying that the entity Marduk was immortal and existing since the inception of the solar system.  
  • In the story, Marduk was given sovereign rule by other planetary gods to justify how he as the son of Ea, rose to power
  • Since Maldek was disintegrated already at that Babylonian time, Marduk had erroneously claimed that it was Tiamat or Nibiru that imploded.  In their version of story he intentionally left out how the planet, Maldek, became the chief within Babylon instead of being just a prime planet that should exist in the solar system.
  • Tiamat/Nibiru origins is given clue by the tale
  • In the battle, some allusions were made regarding missiles, beam and nuclear weaponry employed in the battle.
"He rides in his chariot of clouds with the weapons of the storm to confront Tiamat.  After entangling her in a net, Marduk unleashes the Evil Wind to inflate Tiamat.  When she is incapacitated by the wind, Marduk kills her with an arrow through her heart and takes captive the other gods and monsters who were her allies."

   This make me think Marduk might have condensed several traditions which were separate events into one epic.

   No planet nor planetary logos would employ such weapons.  In effect, the story may have shrunk the range of time needed for planet creation to the battle of super-mortals inhabiting the planets using such weapons.

   For Babylonian mortals, such might not be incredulous, but for us it would be a concern since our scientists have already come up with 4 Billion as the age of earth.

   By necessity, Marduk had to incorporate the other traditions and records.  He was programming the people, who by that time, already posses such cultural tales, artifacts and materials.

   The planets in the original myth seemed lacking compared to the solar system members. That could have been because Venus came from outside the system.

   I think that before Ea sojourned into our solar system, a young prince Anu have frequented the system as a visitor.   The planet Uranus may have been named as such in reverence to Anu.   As a wise politician, Anu might have turned some place in Saturn as a counter checking central command and venue of council meetings of these 4D beings.

   Enuma Elish is cluing us that Tiamat/Nibiru originated within our solar system.   It's planetary force or logos within the hollow could have been overpowered in the earlier discussed schism.

   That schism of the gods or logoi could have emerged unintededly due to the separation consciousness of the Luciferic energies.

   The legends of Nibiru abound and the effects of its passage is dreaded.  That tale may somehow explain why Nibiru eventually returns to our solar system and why the solar members have some reactions or resonance with Nibiru or Tiamat.

   It can also clear up how Nibiru came to be inhabited inside and taken over by various beings from as far as the Orion system.  The so called Anunnaki is a mixed race of Lyran descended man, draconians, sirians and other beings which their technological reputation could have created.

   The scientists would sometime call Tiamat a Dwarf Star.

   Here is a description of such  Brown Dwarfs.

   Within the parallel earth history of Mr. Mills, I can opine that Marduk may have been conceived within Saturn.  The Seth soul associated with it could have slipped into the serpent/reptile hybrid Marduk.   However, within the exploded planet Maldek, he grew to his knowledge and desire for his kingly ambitions. 

   Mr. Mills heard that Marduk has a promise to his reptilian minions for their own separate and sovereign planet.   With Maldek shattered, Marduk had a motivation to follow Enki and steal a kingdom.

   Also, I feel that Gaia or Earth is an adopted member in the midst of a broken family: the solar system.   She may have slowly materialized eons ago from higher dimensions, relating to the Naq Hamadi myth of the Sophia Gaia devolution earlier discussed. Thus it was reasoned out that Tiamat was broken in two, Earth being one half.

   Sitchin may have not realized how his cultural bias as a believer in Old Testament may have played in his works.   What we can be assured of, however, is that there is no inviolable written word of god or goddess in the hands of those who can rule mankind.

    If there be a more complete library that has not been destroyed or burned down, perhaps it is located within the halls inside the hollow earth. 

Who knows? Maybe the Halls of Amenti sits right there beside the library of Porthologos, under our feet.

... to be continued


As for gravity, Mr. Mills claimed that it is a force from the sun pushing objects down to the planet. On the hollow earth, the central flower of light pushes the inhabitants towards the concave of the inner mantle.

The central portion of the thick mantle is where these forces are in equilibrium. The meeting of energy emissions of both solar light and inner light creates auroras and noctilucent cloud phenomena.

I think, it could be similar to the pushing force of the nucleus of atom towards the revolving electrons. However, at certain boundary of distance, the electrons are pulled not to escape the influence of the nucleus. However, changes in energetic levels of the nucleus may change the distance of electron orbital boundary.


Apparently, the solar system has an outer boundary where the outer side of the heliosphere seems devoid of solar wind.  It seems to me that the atomic model is quite relevant to the solar system model.

October 26, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Cosmic Accident

... continued

   Before we recount how things turned out for our Maldekan friend after their planet imploded, let us imagine the start of our galaxy.

   The story we had by now went as far back as the Orion civilization.  But many of us may be wondering about the story going back to the Source.  I know, I really like to understand the gist of our cosmic genesis.

   Many times, I would lay down trying to will my soul to that time of no time, nor space, where the awareness is in singularity.  So, at least for those of us who longed for that, here is a mythological hypothesis:

   In that point of deep void, when the soup of pure potential have just begun vibrating, the perturbation of awakening created a physical cosmic soup of densifying energies.

   Then it happened, a point of awareness burst out with a gigantic energy swirl, a Coriolis effect within the soup of potentiating energies. The resonating frequency of awareness emerged.

   Interpreting Thoth, the cosmic energy swirl of Love and Wisdom created a portal for Power.

In the primeval, dwell three unities. 
These are the equilibrium, source of creation:

one God, one Truth, one point of freedom.

   Love also known as God or Life, Wisdom also known as Truth or Light and Power also known as Freedom or Word which is Creation.

Three come forth from the three of the balance:
all life, all good, all power.

Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home:
Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.

Three are the things inevitable for God to perform:
Manifest power, wisdom and love.

   Now the resonating electromagnetic vibration also expressed as the Word in scriptures, affected an ordering along the spiral.

    It can be like a vibration creating various geometric ley lines where cosmic particles accumulated thereby creating near empty space and aggregates with their own swirls and portals of different tones.

   It would have been like a myriad of prisms that attenuated the Verse or Word into a symphony of verses like light passing through various prisms creating various colors the farther it goes.

   Now according to legends, the energy of Lucifer fell.

   I imagine that it is not a being, but a kind of energy that creates a disposition in awareness.  A prismic angle with a potential for duality consciousness came into existence.  The possibility for an experience of separation and thereby, the knowledge of good and evil, was born.

   Naq Hammadi texts present a concept that we can relate here.  Sophia or Wisdom, the energy from the Source, became intrigued and fixated in this cosmic project.  All these time, the encoded signal from Source may have already resulted to the desired human forms of expressions.

   The Shining Ones, then the Els may have had their cosmic cycles of experience.  After they ascended back, some would return to the unconquered edges of creation space to create the Elohims and later man.  These are various models of human forms with different vibration or density.

   Sophia turned her attention to the edge of creation due to the intriguing outcome of man's experience of separation.  With her attention, her awareness departed from the galactic center and the gears of the cosmic cycles closed down on her at each step.

   Here is a synopsis of this Sophia tale:

   According to Tablet IV of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth:

Far into space, my SOUL traveled freely
into infinity's circle of light.

Strange, beyond knowledge, were some of the planets,
great and gigantic, beyond dreams of men.

Yet found I Law, in all of its beauty, working
through and among them as here among men.

Know ye, O man, that all space is ordered.
Only by Order are ye One with the ALL.
Order and Balance are the Law of the Cosmos.
Follow and ye shall be One with the ALL.

   Thus, we can deduce that the gears of the cosmic cycles have built in barriers for an orderly and laddered descension and ascension.   And Sophia by slipping towards the edges would herself experience separation.

   And so, as she slipped and lowered in awareness, her descension created a plume of creative power behind her.  I can imagine that this powerful Source emanation would animate the non-sentient gatekeepers of the ladder towards duality.

   And maybe, these archons, devoid of real souls, would then behave like sentient Artificial Intelligences having no preference for either good or evil but only self preservation.

   At this time, civilizations like the Orions were evading mortal return to the Source by technological immortality.  They would then slowly be archonized.  Their soul force would not regenerate but their mental advances would constantly increased.

   The archon game-lords would then play these unsuspecting mortals for mind control. They would have cultured from them the armies to fortify their guard, just in case the Source would recall them from creation.  In such a case, we would have a hostage situation in the expanse of the dimensions that these archons have control.

   Sophia, which has emerged as the Logos within the hollow earth would be asleep for ages and her creative powers would be suppressed.   The archons would prevent her to return to the Source.  Gaia Sophia's story would then intertwine with the mortal man's struggle to remember his divine heritage.

   The History of Earth might then be more approriately renamed as Herstory.

   When the cosmic accident is returned to order, Earth would have served as the center point of a cosmic sting operation.  Herstory is a tale about the dissolution of the Lucifer energy and a return to the embrace of the Christos Light.

... to be continued

Aquarius beckons:

October 24, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Maldek Connection

... continued

   Our Maldekan friend was born in a great civilization much like that of Atlantis.  He lived on a valley below the Mount of Olympus, where the palace of Zeus overlooked the nations.

   He was a child of the descendants of space travelers who arrived in the solar system after a long period of space trek using a dead planetoid which was re-purposed and equipped to house a bio-system inside its hollows.

   When a planet's inside is available for takeover or simply when the inhabitants disappear (perhaps moving to higher realms), then it was a chance for beings to convert it.

   The Maldekan elders were refugees who were escaping the Orion imposed systems that annexed and over powered their own planet as a colony.

   What he heard about the legends is that the Orion system was once a harmonious system.  Technologically more advanced, the beings there were able to harnessed great powers and had a near perfect automation.

   The planets were run by artificial intelligent computer systems taking care of everything.  That means food production and distribution, weather management, social institutions like elections and so forth were handled so that no real conflict arose.

   Within hundreds of years, people have managed to prolong their lives, controlled the population growth and they were able to create bodies to transfer their souls and memories into.  Thus they were able to avoid death and determine their souls destiny.  They experimented and used the physical bodies for holding knowledge. In so doing they denied their own souls of life beyond the physical.

   Over those long period, people became bored with life, and the computer systems was sabotaged to create disturbance. The resulting chaos created restrictive controls and powerful elites.  It was the start of the legend about Luceferic ego descending or attracted by the consciousness of people.

   This led to revolutions and rebellions, eventually breaking the empire into dualities. The dueling forces within six of their planets broke off forming the 'The Unholy Six'.

   They began to war against the rest of those in the general vicinity.  And they establish a monetary system to control the populace thru reward and punishment of monetary nature.  This way, they were able then to harvest the resources of the planets.

   Arriving in our solar system Zeus first directed the steering of their planetoid around Jupiter.  He managed an arrangement with the inhabitants inside Jupiter and for a time, they acclimated with the environment on its hollow.  However, certain conflicts occurred so they then moved to Maldek.

   Ea, a fellow Sirian like Zeus, already have an agreement within the inhabitants on it's hollow as well as several other planets of the solar system. Therefore they had no choice but the outside, the surface of Maldek.

   There they were able to build a civilization, hybridizing with the native beings who were themselves earlier injected there by the works of Ea using seeds from Gaia and Nibiru.  Ea had his own planetoid life carrier system.

   Over time, the civilization flourished.  Animals and human beings lived in harmony.  New children came, people dance and created a surface haven.

   There, our Maldekan friend was born, had fun and knew his twin soul.  Here they would have countless youthful adventures.

Until war crept into their consciousness.

   The regular passing of Tiamat must have secretly implanted enemies within their system.  Visiting forces from Tiamat were not contented with their offerings.  The oppositional attitude towards the the Orion Anunnaki begun to build up.  There was a rebellion against the authorized forces of Ea as beings from Tyrantor, an Orion territory, reformed the Maldek systems into Orionite patterns.

   Zeus was forced to rule with iron hand and different means of control were developed.  Fundamentalist factions were born in their communities. Within these factions, a leader known as Jehovah created the Jehovah forces to ambush Tiamat.

   In the process their planetoid moon was weaponized. Nuclear and athmospheric frequency technologies were built for war and weather engineering.  The scientists built huge chambers within the mantle for collider experiments.

   There was a lack of warriors so that teens like our friend was employed in logistical support in preparation for the passage of Tiamat.  Even the highly spiritual native Sasquatch population begun to be involved.  Our friend was separated from her love at a young age.

   And so, on that fateful encounter, our friend, accompanied by a sentient robot was forced to fly a vimana in a frantic call for reserve forces due to a coming planetoid ship, Venus, carrying forces from Orion.

   War raged.  The passing Venus created fractures on Maldek and threw Mars out of its orbit.  Even planet earth has moved out of its original circular orbit of 360 days resulting to much trauma for Atlantis and the loss of earths original moons.  The athmosphere of Venus was swept into earth which resulted to a polluted soup that darkened the sky.

   Thereafter and indirectly through the people and the consciousness involved, the already fragile Maldek blew up.  Their power plants, collider experiments and nuclear devices detonated and destroyed the planet even as the war in space was proceeding through various planetary orbitals.

   Gaia and its inhabitants later on were able to create a system depositing the pollution in a system similar to bile ducts which are now the oil deposits.  Clay dust cloud tailing Tiamat from the Maldek destruction was also swept to earth.

... to be continued

October 20, 2012

Ouroboros - Movie Studio

... continued

   Let's us view the backstage of the set on which the human illusion is played like a movie.  At least, let's see it the way Hermes, the writer of the tablet, saw and described it via his time travel to his earlier incarnation as Thoth.

   Be aware though that our interpretation of his words is but another filter because we were not with him in his soul treks.  And also, let us remember that the epic of human drama is composed of cycles.  The changing of the cosmic clock might have also accompanied a change of the parameters.

   For example, matter can be densified, just like air can turn to liquid then to solid and vice versa.  Realms can have certain fluidity and flexibilities occasioned by various inter-actions and time cycles.

   Apparently, long time ago, nay in that point of no time nor space, a triune serves as the portal for All that is.

   Love and Wisdom merges thereby creating Power.

In the primeval, dwell three unities.
Other than these, none can exist.
These are the equilibrium, source of creation:
one God, one Truth, one point of freedom.

   Now, due to many details that Hermes left out, let us just imagine that in the flipside of the primeval realm, in the space time realm, a point of light burst.  And it reverberated an OM sound.

Three come forth from the three of the balance: all life, all good, all power.

Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home: Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.

Three are the things inevitable for God to perform: Manifest power, wisdom and love.

   Now lest we go to deep into the unfathomable realms, let's focus to the realm of space time. 

Everything created is based upon ORDER:
LAW rules the space where the INFINITE dwells.
Forth from equilibrium came the great cycles,
moving in harmony toward Infinity's end.

   In particular, Thoth-Hermes spoke of the establishment of the earth, way past myriads of systems, showing their own lights and suns.  Giant sets of gears give order to the cosmic cycles and on one edge, we find our jewel planet.

   Inside the globe is vast circle of space and floating on the center is a flower of light.  This hollow inside the earth was blasted by a number of beings which are like men and yet are not men.

   Let's call them, the shimmering ones or the shining ones.  They are said to be the Children of Light.

Far in a past time, lost in the space time,
the Children of Light looked down on the world.
Seeing the children of men in their bondage,
bound by the force that came from beyond.
Knew they that only by freedom from bondage
could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun.

Down they descended and created bodies,
taking the semblance of men as their own.

Then for a dwelling place, far 'neath the earth crust,
blasted great spaces they by their power,
spaces apart from the children of men. 

   In the hollow earth, these 32 beings arranged their bodies.   They created a merkaba or geometric shape resulting to a portal, a pathway, a flower of light.

   The rays of this light creates life and this inner sun is not hot.   Yet it is imbued with Life from the eternal Light, invigorating all inhabitants and halls therein like the Halls of Amenti.

  While their bodies remain there, their essences can roam the surface of the earth to spur the upward growth of mortal beings.

There in the Hall of Life, filled with their wisdom,
known not to the races of man, living forever 'neath the cold
fire of life, sit the Children of Light.
Times there are when they awaken,
come from the depths to be lights among men,
infinite they among finite men.

   Alternately, these Masters may inhabit a 3D body to serve as avatar appropriate for the age.  They are guardians of the planet's inner pathway towards the sun's portal connecting to other passageways beyond, towards the galactic central sun.

   (May I add, that this galactic sun can be one among many others that revolves to form a super universe circling a central super universe.)

   An avatar, called the Dweller, faced Thoth, a child, to spur him unto light.   In that Atlantean incarnation, Hermes was initiated in mysteries for service to light.  A child, he was who had a longing to remember the pathway to the stars.

   Those times were a crucial time of the kingdom, of lowering spiritual knowledge.  Their Atlantean kingdom was populated by giant mortal men.  Outside their cities, there also roams at least one other kind of a more primitive specie of human being. 

   Thoth became a master, seeing invisible enemies and realities.  Behind the veils of sight, alternate physicality were hidden in the folds of space time.

   In other words, Hermes reported alternate time-lines and 3d earths that intersect without knowledge of each other.  That is, unless one obtains the soul trekking capabilities to peer into these realities.

Once in a time long forgotten,
I THOTH, opened the doorway,
penetrated into other spaces
 and learned of the secrets concealed.
Deep in the essence of matter
are many mysteries concealed.

Nine are the interlocked dimensions,
and Nine are the cycles of space.
Nine are the diffusions of consciousness,
and Nine are the worlds within worlds.
Aye, Nine are the Lords of the cycles
that come from above and below.

Space is filled with concealed ones,
for space is divided by time.
Seek ye the key to the time-space,
and ye shall unlock the gate.
Know ye that throughout the time-space
consciousness surely exist.
Though from our knowledge
it is hidden, yet still forever exists.

   Thoth, by some effort, was able to open a portal in his heart.  He was able to free his soul to trek these various realities.

   In a dark room within the temple inside the rock, laid Hermes but not to sleep.  By some chant of magic words, he summoned his soul to freedom.  Flying on the waves, like Peter Pan, he played hide and seek with the fearsome reptilian guards of the psycho-sphere around the earth.

   One night, in that rocky pyramid on the valley, he succeeded leaving his body.  He was able to trek the space time in search of wisdom.

... to be continued

October 18, 2012

EC: Alternative Means

... continued

"Shifting your perspective can shift your reality.." -  Jennifer

I.   Food - as a power pack source of nutrients and other useful byproducts, few can top Moringa Oleifera.

   It can serve other purposes aside from its use as a food source:
  • water filtration (using the seeds)
  • medicinal value using various parts of the plant
  • edible oil fit for various applications like skin care, cosmetics and lubricant
  • extracts can be used as a cleaning agent
  • natural and safe pesticide chemical extract

This guy has a very high opinion for the said plant as a Super-food:

   And why not?  Moringa is not your ordinary green leafy vegetables.  Aside from its high anti-oxidant properties, it is a power pack of the most needed nutrients.

  I suspect dried leaves from this plant can be used for the following:

   It then can serve a dual purpose just in case you end up in a bunker, trembling due to the passage of Nibiru.

   One, smoke it to calm your nerves and two, sprinkle it on your noodle soup for that added supplementation.

  Seriously though, I burned some dried leaves and they smelled good.  Although of course, I'm not a smoker.  But then again, if a vitamin cigarette comes around like the one I am suggesting above, I will try it.  Well, maybe just to feel cool while getting my vitamins.

II.  Energy - a cartridge that reacts to normal temperature differentials can be a good snap-in mechanism to spin a power generating wheel.  This is connected to the idea previously posted, the Solar Harvester Wheel.

   The use of nitinol and refrigerant compounds can accomplish this.  Just snap these cartridges into the slot of the syringe-like pistons of the wheel.  The pistons will then decrease or increase in volume content to pass liquids around the spokes and spin.

   The spokes will have protruding rollers gliding on a fixed guide pathway in order to prevent the wheel from spinning backwards in case of heavy generating load. 

III.  Pipe-in Soft Lighting - You may have seen the solar light bulbs as shown in this video:

    Now  combine the above with the following:

   What do you get?  Pipe-in lighting with flexibility and portability that may skip the process of cutting the roof.

   Just make an enclosure lined with mirrors of reflective aluminum plastic cover.  The container can hold a series of solar light bulbs.  On the sides, clear hose wrapped with the same aluminum plastic cover is inserted to capture the light from the enclosure.

   This flexible hose can then be bent around some obstacles and provide a soft light to the other end of the tube.

   I tried wrapping reflective aluminum cover on a meter of clear hose and it successfully bounced the flashlight rays to the other side of bended hose.  The length and the transparency  of the hose are limiting factors though.  But just the same, it would have been clearer if I have used solar light bulbs instead of the ordinary AA powered flashlight.

IV.  Pedaled Washing Machine -  a typical plastic gallon container can easily be converted into a pedaled washing machine.

   Create a boxlike frame that will secure the said container (shape and size must be compatible).  The said frame can have hinged side panel to slip the container.

   Provide an axle connector to the sides of the said frame.

   Create a larger frame with seats on the top.  Slide the inner box underneath and connect the axles.  The outer seat fitted frame has pedals on the outer side of the axle.

  Pedaling the said bench will then spin the inner frame like a whirlpool washing machine.  It can be a more convenient version of this:

   Now if you happen to be stranded somewhere for sometime with little means to buy a washing machine, I hope the said idea can be of help.

   It is quite enjoyable to go in ones mental laboratory and come up with various creations that has potential to help other people.

   Perhaps the readers of these ideas can expound better or create additional features or functionality.   I hope these seed ideas circulate and grow among us to free us from our boxes.

The following is a post that I liked and copied from a forum c/o Gwen:

My perspective shifted this morning.
I see the entire global society as living in a ghetto.
Cabal 'manages' the ghetto.
It is EXRTEMELY difficult to escape, perhaps impossible, to extract one self from the ghetto.
How then does an individual or group free themselves from the ghetto?
By taking a big step back and seeing, actually visualizing, that the ghetto is simply a construct envisioned and maintained by 'managers'.
The managers corral us mentally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually into the ghetto.
What is the boundary of the ghetto? Fear.
The fear fence keeps us in. It will continue to keep us in the ghetto until we DECIDE to not see the fence.
We did not creat the ghetto, yet we enable it.
Since the fence is a construct planted in our minds and maintained therein by external as well as internal means, it must eventually become obvious that there actually is no fence at all.
Ah, we are free to do as we choose.
I have chosen to disolve the fence of fear that corrals me into the global ghetto of disillusionment.
What a beautiful morning, thanks for the stimulus.

   People who are able to accommodate a paradigm shift in their consciousness can give the hope for the human race.   The point of view being forced by the current power structures on human beings apparently leads to a brick wall.

   It is a good time to question our present reality and to explore what nature bestowed us with - creative imagination.

   The Source must be a dreamer of what reality can be.   I feel it creates the thought fields to hold its dreams.

   We are in the virtual reality of that thought field - the physical universe.   And we are the cells of the Dreamer's mind.

Below is a playlist of videos that can be a good kaleidoscope of some possible solutions to our day to day challenges:

.ciao and enjoy

... to be continued

October 17, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Gaia

... continued

   The Maldekan acquired a gnostic vista on cosmic theogenesis.   But who would blame him?

   If Thoth, after succumbing to several deaths and rebirth have found the Goddess in Gaia, then the Maldekan need not fear submitting to mortality.

   Humans are frail yet magnificent in their own right that the angels have been quite jealous for a long time.

   There must be a Source connection deep within the bowels of Gaia.   A portal from where mortal beings of good intentions can find solace and actually thrive in just the same way that nature thrives.    And thrive earth does, despite several ancient nuclear wars as well as the modern atomic and weather wars.

   Perhaps, peace is attained with a quiet acceptance of ones reality.

   Perhaps it behooves the beings sojourned in this outer edge of the universe, to purge the dross in their souls to escape the slide into an archonic existence of technological life extension.

   Earth, the paradisic Eden of the galaxy of eons past must have been imbued a little differently.   This jewel of a planet which served as a protected garden of the Els and home to the Titans have provided countless 3D genetic seeds to innumerable home-worlds.

   Yes, admittedly, even to that of the Orion system from where his ancestors seceded from.

   It may indeed be time to serve Gaia with gratitude and humility.   She has been shackled and constrained enough by the manipulations and programming of the human beings living on its surface.

   Time and again, she gives to humanity and all the guests on her surface, her unconditional bounties.   And yet the dark psycosphere that beings have enveloped the planet have constrained her conscious love to fully permeate the surface.

   The Maldekan became a convert, an addition to the many true respectful adherents of the mystery schools that Thoth, a converted fallen angel himself, have instituted.

   The forces of hollow earth gained one guy who is prepared to bring out the Source light from the portal deep within the bowels of the earth.    Their much maligned knowledge and wisdom may someday soon free humanity from the archonic over emphasis to head knowledge.

   The Divine feminine will rise to make mortal beings whole again.

... to be continued

October 15, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Ouroboros

... continued

   The Maldekan wallowed in the bitterness of his separation with his twin flame for a long time.

   He could not accept that she had became a follower of Thoth and was mummified just when he found her.

    For ages he would be in his technological hibernation chambers and his soul would travel to earth and seek the soul of his twin flame.  He would find her awareness in a limbo like state, frozen and hardly acknowledging him.

   He would be his guard like a higher self and he would protect her mummified body from possible tampering by other beings.

   He would be an astral traveller and frequent visitor of earth to somehow seek out the roots of the cosmic conflict that was playing on earth and had origins from his shattered home - Maldek.  Periodically, he would trave with his vimana and surreptiously investigate, but he can only be here for a certain limit of time less his body deteriorate.

   With the help of his sentient robotic friend on the counter earth he would clone his own body and then technologically transfer to a new avatar body.

   Without success to understand the situation, he became a mute and secret witness to the horrors of human evolution, which many a times he would even cheer due to his own bitter heart.

   He would evade from other human galactic observers of humanity because he was reminded of the inadequacy of their effort for his homeworld.  He considered them as galactic losers, unable to help and prevent Maldek from shattering.

   No understanding would comfort him because knowledge was misdirected and obfuscated even by the keepers of the temples of learning.  All reasons he could find were frivolous.  The Maldekan hardly trusted anything.  Until...

   Recently, the Nag Hammadi findings made the friend of Mr. Mills changed his mind.  A spark of understanding grew within him.  And he investigated further, even invisibly searching the unreleased records therein.

   He now had a clearer picture of the cosmic history.  After further investigating the other hidden records of Essenes and their ancestors all the way back to Atlantean records.  He had found a reason to leave behind the comforts of his technological immortality to be at the service of Sophia, the Goddess.

   He became more willing to accept the bitter fate his twin flame succumbed into, the love of his heart who became a mummified priestess in Atlantis.  She had reincarnated recently as a human from her cro-magnon human beginnings as an Atlantean.

   She, however, has but a little consciousness of him.  And she would have surely been afraid seeing a giant Maldekan.

   As a result, a desire was born in his heart to be among the mortal men.  He bade Mr. Mills farewell and decided to fly his vimana through the polar openings of the hollow earth, to be an ally to the efforts of the Agarthans and the Titans.

   Mr. Mills related some information he got from him as to to what is happening in the Orion system.

   Somehow a kaleidoscopic multimedia beam of the horror stories of their empire reached the populace.

   The Maldekan heard that Anu, the Orion king has already stepped down.  The Orion populace become enlightened as to what their empire has turned out to be.

   In the process, the populace is dismantling their leadership and decentralizing the government.  The military commanders of the marauding planetoid Nibiru are in the process of being called out.

   The dusk gave a hint of the Aurora somewhere at the poles when they separated.  The Maldekan giant joined forces with the liberation to end the story of intervention of the four Anunnaki gods:
  •    Anu - the politician of Lyrian descent, his son and draconian hybrid Enlil, Enki of the Lyran-serpent race who became mortal and Marduk, the hybrid serpent-reptilian of the underworld.

   The Maldekan came into the conclusion that the legendary Luciferic energy is already dispersed and has been dissolved to become a non-being.   The devil have capitulated and that it's creation, Satan who was a thought form based on the logos of the planet Saturn and was personified by Marduk and the Kal forces are now for dissolution.  

   The universal cycle age of enlightenment and the end of kaliyuga is at hand.

   The release of Sophia is imminent.   Shes becoming free from the warlike male energies which shackled and abused her.  The disaster on the surface of mother Earth has never been allowed within the hollow of the planet, thus Sophia was trampled but deep inside she had been a virgin all along.

   The Maldekan saw in his mummified twin soul that is now ressurected, a reflection of Sophia's awakening.

   Mr. Mills opined that the planetary mitosis may result into two or more separate worlds.  Well, perhaps three worlds will branch out of the merging timelines to form their own separate timelines.

   One world will vanish into the non-physical realms of light.

   Another will be a planet of duality where truth has an ascendancy in the counter-earth or what is known to some as Antichthon.

   And the last will be a dark world where some souls can slip back to the lower consciousness of animals or other natural inanimate beings from where they were summoned by hybridization and the orionite application of magic - probably Mars or a new Maldek.

   Sophia, the Goddess will ascend to her throne in our galactic center to be with the resonating magnetic light of the Christos to create new worlds and galaxies.

   She brings all children she can bring to attend a marriage banquet of the galactic lights.

   Thereafter these children may inhabit the many possibilities of the countless mansions or worlds in realms unknown to us.  Or such children may return as angels to guide and collect other aspects of their ownselves in the mortal realms.

   The Maldekan was prepared for the clean-up of the remains of mess of duality should her twin flame so chooses.  He surmised Thoth or his later aspect may decide to spearhead this process together with his Atlantean friends.

   He gives up his own immortality to take on the mortal duties of his twin flame.  And their fate may have to intertwine in the staff of Enki like a Caduceus.

   The sojourn of the fallen angel, Enki could last until the serpent is able to accomplish the ascenscion of it's own spawn Marduk.  - Perhaps until such a time that the serpent meets its own tail and the circle close upon itself.

   Months, thereafter, Mr. Mills found traces of the battle of Armageddon which was conducted in the inner planes.

    Who can fathom the future?  I would think it is unknown.   And it is to be decided by the collective over-soul of the beings involved.

   For some, singularity with the truth may be nearer and for others it could entail countless mortal incarnations. Another trip around the distant sun?  Perhaps for others,  it may be eons until such sojourn finally ends and return to the infinite light of the Source - until Ouroboros

... to be continued

October 13, 2012

EC: Centering

... continued

   Human experience can be symbolized by the element of water.   Water can flow thru many pathways.  It can fly within certain bounds above or it can seep into the deep crevices of earth.  It can have multitudes of reincarnation.

   Let us bless water with our hearts so that we may heal our own selves.   Let us bless the waters we drink and the waters we bathe in.  It will be like freeing our own material selves.  It will be like a forgiveness, like we are rebooting the imprints of bloodshed on the memories of water we breathe.

   Thereby our self healing will travel.  It will glide the airwaves and streams and the root network of which the trees communicate.    It will be like a grand announcement to the realms of the transmutation of darkness into light, of the historical traumas into wisdom.

   As people struggle to cope with the outer adjustments of the age, there comes a need to heed one advice from many ancient sages:

"Know thyself."

   For many, an isolation or floatation chamber like the one shown can be a tool for attempting to exercise such adage.

    Relating to the story of Mr. Mills and the experience of Thoth, I feel it will help us go within our heart portals with less distraction from the 3D senses.

Here is one explanation I found:

   Play also some of the suggested videos that appear after playing the above explanation for more details.

   Here is one blog-post among the many other writeup on the matter.

   However for most people, paying a sum to experience such a device may not be practical.  In such a case, a home made system can be preferred.  For example, this one:

   Making hot tub out of your pickup is easy enough.  You may follow instructions from this.

  To save on heating bills.  You may heat the water using a system shown in the following video.

Note: You can use hinges to unfix the water parabola frame for draining and precaution against fire hazard.  Don't focus directly on the tub. Use metallic pail or pan.

   Instead of a pickup, you can use simple wooden frames with plywood or carton.   I tried a similar bath tub but due to space limitations I already dismantled it.

   If the frame is not strong enough, you can place it near walls, like a corner and then place hollow blocks  etc. on the other sides for reinforcement.  You can also brush carton with viscous starch and water proofing.  In rural areas, you can just dig or have a pile of soil with indention in the middle to serve as the support.  Elevated position is good for easy draining of used water.

   Putting a tarp over it and on the sides will make it waterproof.   If possible, there has to be no cut on the tarp lining.  You will need a water hose to fill it up and another for draining.

   To drain, just use the hose connected to the water source to push water through the drainage hose.  Do this underwater so that the built up inertia will then create a vacuum that automatically pulls water towards the other lowered end of the drainage hose.

   Sea salt without added chemicals is used to add buoyancy.  You may try epsom salt, baking soda or some borax if you want.  Just make sure you know that what you add is natural and safe.  You may even add orange peelings or lemon extract for skin care concerns.  Remember to bless the water with a thankful heart.

   In fact you can turn it into a tool for tanning, skin whitening, detoxification or perhaps vitamin skin ingestion.   With a good oxygen generator machine, it can serve as a hyperbaric chamber for revitalization and prevention of aging.

  Cloth or different materials for covering can be used for privacy and isolation.  Lighting control and healing music can be beneficial for creating the proper ambiance.

   For ambient music, I used my cellphone, wrapped in 2 layers of plastic, then placed inside an empty Nutella jar to serve as my floating pillow.

The use of sounds, tones and music is a beautiful way to transport ones awareness and to receive inspiration.


   A great idea and quite marketable I think, is the contraption of Mr. Mills:

   It was a soft floating lumbar support frame with sonic speakers and MicroSD music player in one.  It  delivers vibrations along it's length and even creates some visualizations via cranial signals via the occipital lobes.

   I think such contraption can be an enjoyable gadget for mass meditation on a beach and a setting sun.


.ciao and enjoy

...  to be continued