August 20, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Surrounding Forces

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    And so Mr. Mills explained to me a scenario in their time-line, how both Atlantis and Lemuria can rise up.  As the equator changes further, the planet will disperse or stretch the landmass on the new equator forming a bulge.  The previous equatorial plane compresses and the water level will shift to new locations.

   Pacific islands will become the mountaintops of rising Mu, Atlantis will be pushed up as the Atlantic ocean narrows down, Middle east will have sufficient rainfall and the whole globe gains in size.

   These things were explained to him by the Maldekian he met. However, the elites in the governments and institutions must have been anticipating massive earth changes but they are not explaining them and instead cut off the computer networks and overtly took control of the avenues of information in an alien invasion scenario. 

   Recently, massive losses to lives and properties are beginning to manifest these upheavals and the apparently deliberate moves to cull the population.  At the same time,  forces to save humanity were able to enter the Gulf of Yemen portal. They were able to disrupt the Orion cabal communications and they are disabling the seabed explosives.

   In Iraq (Afghanistan was used as a decoy and for an oil pipeline construction), the Orion Stargate which have a counterpart in Nibiru may not be activated as they have hoped.

   Mr. Mills on his part has designed some micro-memory computer plug-in to be distributed with live alternative operating systems.  The same gadget has some eavesdropping circuitry to tap into government signals operating at the cabal underground bases.  These will activate when certain operations are  performed in sequence.

   Other ships outside the globe's atmosphere are on the standby and ready at the signal of Agarthians and affiliate forces.  The above-ground military concessionaires of the cabal have restricted movement of people and instituted advanced scanners to ferret out the human looking liberating forces.

   In Mr. Mills' time-line similar comets have come to the solar system earlier.  These hollow bodies were able to transport lots of cargo and humanoid liberating forces.  Hayutake, Elenin and other smaller hollowed liberation cargo transports were successful while the Shoemaker levy cargo of reptoid and draco forces was neutralized.  The large majority of greys and zeta which have themselves treated badly were ready to defect.

.... to be continued 


Points of view found in our time-line:

Earth Wobble:

Someone's idea of land mass movement:

August 15, 2012

EC: Coping with Shifts

We are as affected by the cosmic tugging as mother earth is.  We are beginning to understand that earth is a being itself and as our landlord we just can't  ignore her well being.

(This blog post relates to Tales from the Realms - Shifting)

It is said that the photon belt that our planet encounters now contributes to the solar particles breaching the planet's ozone layer.  I can feel  our atmosphere is becoming saturated with energetic particles and there are changes to the direction of the sunlight as well as the typhoons.
(Signs Of Magnetic Pole Shift, Explaining the Earth Wobble - Earth Changes and the Pole Shift )

According to Mr. Mills, more lightning strikes and heavier cloud formations are some of the results of these energetics.  Weather phenomena and earthquakes increase significantly in his time-line.

These are exacerbated by weather engineering.  The cabal is trying to profit, foment attack on the population's psyche and steer destruction from themselves.

Similarly, it is important for us to remain composed and flow with the rhythm of earth despite the media programs of destruction, politics, war and conflict.  We have to disconnect from main stream media and politics to allocate more self evaluation and preparation.

This scenario may happen in a more moderate nature in our realities.  Just the same, we have to prepare for an off the grid strategy.  Governments and politicians are there largely to make themselves pretty so they tend to project an image where they are in control of the situations.

The video referenced above can be found here:

Here are some things we may do or develop as a suggestion:

I.  Off-the-Grid Energy Sources:

1.  Miller's Differential Wheel  (the attached picture is not exactly how I saw it but only serves as an illustration)

  • Mr. Mills is using some sort of solar wheel that supposedly uses nitinol.   
I think that it is just like a gravity wheel with pockets containing heavier than water liquid.  The solar collector blade heats the upper pockets of the wheel and then the nitinol springs expand the pockets so that the liquid from the lower wheel pockets is sucked.  This makes the wheel roll down from heavier upper weight. The lower spokes could be partly submerged in water, but the solar collector blades was partially blocking my view.

  • Accordingly, he has other units that uses thin refrigerant neumatic tubes to change the volume of spoke pockets and push-up weight from the cooler lower pockets to the upper portion of the spokes.

2.   Available DIY Samples

If the video does not play, try clicking it to open in a separate youtube window/tab.

If you have an overhead water tank, you can use a Mini Hydro Turbine to harness power out of the lowly household faucet. Mini Hydro Turbine converts water pressure into electricity that can be used to run or charge other gadgets. (If you are near a river the Ramp Pump is ideal in filling a water reservoir from where you can attach the mini hydro turbine and irrigate your vegetable garden.)

A different unit using the same principle is shown here.   I found this unit here.

It is interesting that even before I readied this blog post,  I already saw these, together with some other energy sources like those obtained from the rise and fall of sea level as can be found here.

I can only say more power for anyone trying out these ideas like this one.

Employing some battery charging system, small energies collected can accumulate to power home electronics.  These little energy sources can also be used in hydrolysis to collect hydrogen for modified engines (adjusted to run on hydrogen).

Here are some other energy related videos.  Not all may be practical at this time, but we can never tell in the future.  They can be seeds of other solutions.

II.  Origami Structures and Alternative construction

Mr. Mills use some fibrous plants and resins for creating his contoured structures. Now, I think that if cardboard is embedded with such fibrous matter and applied with certain resins, the water resistance and strength obtained can make origami structures and furniture desirable. Using such technique, ordinary folks will be empowered to create functional every day objects. It would be easy enough to explore designs using bond-papers for furniture, tents and vessels. Such capacity will be crucial in quick recovery effort for disaster areas.

It may not even entail origami designs. But the materials for proper and convenient molding must be available and encouraged within the communities.

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

I also run across Straw-bale construction, Hypertufa used for molding garden structures and such other dwelling needs.

Using perlite and empty plastic containers, one can design floating platforms that may be of much application and collateral benefits in case of flooding. PET bottles and even empty can stuffed within used plastic bag can be used to fill used tires and tire tubes and these can be embedded in platforms that will float in case of flooding.

Floating platforms on seas can be very helpful in creating areas to create algae culture for bio-diesel generation, solar energy harvesters and floating islands.

... to be continued

August 12, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Shifting

... continued

   Whether Mr. Mills is a figment of my imagination and the sad images of the Millerš tale were true, it may matter not.  But maybe it is about time we in our realities consider that we have a multidimensional spark within which we ought to explore.

   Some call it the candle within.  Mr. Mills believe it is a portal in every human, like consciousness threads of divine connection.    These serve existence to experience local foci.  And man can mold mater when we proceed from that center.

   He is a brave man but cautious.  He said, he experienced how many beings can create various heavens and hells in the layers of existence.  So he cautioned me to temper the gruesome images he has shown me with tools to steer this reality for a better creation.

   The parallel reality he exists in has manifested more overt struggle which he says, we have been settling in our astral planes.  He said the dark astral band in this reality is disappearing and the people trapped in the said layer had a coup against the draconian realities.   Thus they were able to reincarnate back to physical.

   Their world however, undergoes more catastrophic changes because of some factors which I have to add, may or may not be applicable to us.    I guess I have to take what is acceptable and workable in this, our side.

   Accordingly, their world is shifting way faster because of some factors:

  •     The world in which he lives is hollow globe. And this is the same with most of the planetary bodies in their realities.  I asked him about this and he explained that it was one of the reason why Maldek was shattered into pieces in its encounter with Tiamat/Nibiru which might have not been the case if it wasn't hollow.   (Admittedly, I will have to investigate this  further with him in due course.)

  •     The hollow globe reacts to the tug of the center of galaxy as well as to various other planetary bodies like the sun.   The globe bulges with the direction of its rotation.   The equator bulges with both earth and sea materials but is also influenced by the said tugs from the moon etc. 

  •     Thousands of years ago, the magnetic poles changed followed by equatorial change in the process of passing thru the galactic plane.  Now the globe is changing again passing thru the same galactic plane and in the process, Atlantis and Lemuria will be above water.

  •     High energetic particles from the galactic plane and the activated solar emissions are making the globe more flexible.  The magma veins are heated and the caverns underneath the crust can expand more.  The earth is awakening and reacting to free itself from constructions like dams, skyscrapers and other heavy materials that contributes to the imbalances.

  •     Tiamat or Nibiru although cloaked is nearing and creates additional tug.  Their second light, Elenin may be used to steer Nibiru away.

     I really would like to repeat again that fear brings more bad than good.  Mr. Mills said we have to be aware and collectively act to forgive ourselves / each others and proceed to connect within our own portals to the heart of earth.  He said man can end karma with the right actions and attitude.  Accordingly, at this time, guilt and such mind programs facilitate more disastrous outcome by limiting our own abilities whereas connecting with inner silence facilitates discovery.

     He cautioned me to include possible solutions with the exposition of the problems to tap the innate abilities that is needed to ride the wave.    He mentioned also that many civilization resulted to a positive harvest with the appropriate collective effort.  (I may have to go back and ask what that is.) 

    Consequently, I encourage readers of this blog to search out various DIY solutions that encourages self-sufficiency.    I will follow up with interesting ideas like:
  • origami furniture and water vessels
  • settlement / housing ideas
  • DIY water treatment
  • energy sources, etc.

... to be continued


August 02, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Shadows of the Past

... continued

  So there was Mr. Mills, a man I would have thought to come from a twin planet of Earth. Heš a fugitive of sorts, a hermit.

  He explained to me that our reality is a parallel reality or timeline of his. I was thouroughly perplexed by so many information I obtained from him and pondered whether I must share this story.  Itš intriguing but maybe of much help, evaluating how much his world could share the same events as ours.

  I must confess, I never have yet joined him in his drone as I was not able to expand my awareness out of my physicality again after I accidentally met him.   However he has given me further information via dreamscapes and some instructions to be able to increase mastery of awareness.

  Since then heš a constant investigator of our reality as he said he found out he can explore this one with less encounters of dark energies.  He would not mention to me his findings from this one. Although he would project to my mind many images and situations from his own realms.

  From what I gathered, he obtained quite some riches by hacking into lotteries and a cohort of his was killed.   So he made himself disappeared while most of his gains were looted from him.

  He said he met a giant man who gave him the interdimensional drone. And that is a story in itself.

  Back to Mr. Mills, he begun to use the drone to investigate the cabal and his very own lineage: a stow-away boy on a luxury ship who was forced to make love to a drugged maiden in a room full of elites of that time.   - These were to be his immigrant ancestors in their pursuit of the American dream.

   It would certainly be a task to put this stories into account in this series. However, I feel I must disgress for a while due to grave concerns regarding the global changes in his timeline - the two suns, the politics, the polarity games and the dark substrata of their astral realms.

 ... to be continued