April 29, 2011

Bricks and Tubes - Land Steading

Grand creations using mini-items:


According to a BBC News report: "A senior Chinese official has said it will take 300 years to turn back China's advancing deserts at the current rate of progress. ..More than one quarter of China is either covered by desert or is land that is suffering desertification.

The process is often caused by overgrazing and other unsuitable farming techniques."

Leading China's efforts to tackle the problem, Liu Tuo said the investment for the endeavor was "seriously insufficient."

He added: "There is about 1.73m sq km (0.67m sq miles) of desertified land in China, and about 530,000 sq km of that can be treated," he said.

"At our present rate of treating 1,717 sq km a year, I've just calculated we'll need 300 years."

Another report states:

"The desert is sweeping into China's valleys, choking rivers and consuming precious farm land. ..The Great Green Walls may not be able to buffer the sand, which could cover the capital in a few years."

With a population of over 1.3 billion, China's fertile land is a crucial resource. Such is the enormity of their problem of desertification on the fringes of the Gobi Desert which lies in the west of the country.

Here under the third - ETC Chapter, as a continuation of earlier post - "ECoPaD - Landsteading"

I think an area like Gobi desert is a candidate example for Land steading.

What if somehow, seawater from east Chinas sea is pumped in an artificial aquifer to be located in this desert?

What if inland salt water aquaculture is tried here?

I think we all know, such effort if made successful will help feed their growing population, provide employment and arrest desertification.

With "Modular Auxiliarity" and "ECoPaD" applied, I believe, it can be done.

Tubes and cylinders:

Tubes and cylinder-like shapes are prevalent among the packages on the market. Canned goods, drinks in Polyethylene bottles and even the flexible computer keyboard, I bought yesterday was delivered in cylinder plastic form.

With coordinated diameters and sizes, these packaging materials destined for landfills can be connected and conveniently used for so many purposes. Here is one possible way of interconnecting them to serve a secondary purpose:

Tin cans will provide strength while plastic containers both inside and outside can provide rust proofing and the interconnection functions.

Hose or other similar materials can also be connected, especially when curving to avoid certain obstacles.

They can be connected into a long pole and fortified inside with cement, recycled iron bars etc.

If the material is to be used as framing for some furniture, dried coco-leaves or twigs can also be used together with some glue (animal glue, lignin or the ones used for paper mache).

I can name many uses for rigid tubes/cylinders, but for now, we'll just say, they can be used for bringing sea-water inland. Standardization and diameter ratings will be helpful for encouraging and sorting these clutter.


We have previously tackled some possible ways of creating confluent uses for boxlike packages and how they can be interlocked.

Let's clarify that although our example presented previously are the tetra pak items, box-like packages can come in other materials. They are all usable for building purposes.

Also, to provide rigidity, we are not limited to using earth, sand, cement mixtures.

They can be filled with discarded printer cartridges, plastic caps, styropor and such commonly disposed consumer packages. Metals or such items can be wrapped in discarded plastic bags for longer life, if they are mixed with soil.

Artificial Aquifer:

Now, for making the Artificial Aquifer, we have to use non-corrosive box-like packages. They can be filled with various types of materials that experts may recommend for desalination. An artificial lake with various stages of gravity filtration can be dug up in the Gobi desert.

The walls can have layers consisting of bricks filled with desert sand, ceramic granules, coal/activated carbon and other materials. As a result, from the initial unfiltered compartment, some others will fill with water of different levels of salinity which may be good for certain species of fish or particular water plants.

Clutter Buster:

But first, Clutter Buster collection centers have to be constructed on the edge of the desert.

To aid the fight against desertification, desert sand can be used to fill them up into bricks. The centers themselves can be constructed using the bricks from re-purposed packaging materials.

For stacking the filter bricks, this arrangement can be made:
Strong wires can be used to hold the bricks together.

The bricks can be temporarily piled up as to be shaped into a mound. The mound will be layered with thin plywood and then the bricks will be stacked tightly with wires and cemented above the mound.

After the cement hardens, the bricks piled temporarily inside, will be removed and the process can be repeated to make an ever-expanding facility, that is limited only by the supply of desert sand and the discarded box containers. The sides can be fortified further by laying some used tires outside filed with sand/cement mix.

Here is how it may look:

Using the same procedures, facilities such as school, housing and transportation tunnel can be made up to the location of the inland lake/aquifer site.

The desert sands can be turned into a product for desert and sea reclamation, thus communities can slowly flourish.

The Gobi desert can be repopulated by mangroves, crabs and such other species turning it into a man made marsh eco-system. A planned city can be made, complete with a physical internet with sea water as the delivery system using tubes.

Senator Ted Stevens will be glad.

April 26, 2011

ECoPaD - Landsteading

The use of tetra-pak materials is one common packaging system that is convenient, light and attractive but quite difficult for the environment.

One blog commented the following:

"The square boxes used for liquids are called "Aseptics"... Aseptic packages are made with three materials. Paper comprises 70 percent of the package, polyethylene 24 percent and aluminum 6 percent.

Hydra-pulping is the only way to recycle Aseptics. It is like a huge blender that separates the paper from the plastic and aluminum, so that the high-quality paper fiber is recovered for recycling into other paper products. Sources say the actual hydra-pulping recycling process, unfortunately, is very expensive and awkward, and is therefore only available in a very few places..."

On the manufacturers' point of view, there's a certain convenience in using this material - especially in the area of ultra-high-temperature processing (UHT).

According to Wikipedia, UHT allows liquid food to be packaged and stored under quite common temperatures. This means highly perishable goods like milk can be distributed over greater distances with less cold storage requirements.

The companies involved with this packaging system have created various targets concerning environmental programs aimed to create zero waste and to provide packaging that uses renewable materials.

But most of these are in the direction of offsets - meaning they will have to undertake activities that may not be related to their packaging disposal but are nevertheless beneficial to the environment.

With this tact, it seem to reflect a certain sense of being resigned to the fact that most of the used packages will go to the landfills.

In this regard, I would like to help their efforts by offering my ideations as relating to my blog post named "Modular Auxiliarity". Relatedly, I'm introducing a a term - ECoPaD or Engineered Confluent Packaging Design.


ECoPaD may be implemented using different shapes and different products.

For example:
- a rectangular box which is a shrink wrapped item (with intended indention)
- and mineral water bottle (the conical top will be cut off and the rest will be filled with cement for locking mechanism).

Even a pair of carpentry nails connected into H-shape piece by wire can be used to interlock the rectangular boxes provided there are conveniently suitable indention. It will really be up to artistic/functional design involved.

To describe shortly, these packaging designs are purposely intended to create ability for interlocking various shapes and sizes for secondary (or more) purposes of the packages.

In consistence with Modular Auxiliarity, it should be modular and easy to repair, remodel, expand etc. In other words, it is good also for modular build-up of sea-stead and even planetary (terra-forming) facilities.

I like to contend that tetra-pak materials can be an asset for Landsteading activities. I have shared some Seasteading technological theories earlier but in this case, we're focusing on these packages to be an asset for home or structural building activities on land.

The thing with the common tetra-pak cartoon is that it can easily be filled with compacted earth or desert sand mixed with little cement to serve as bricks. In addition, interlocking can easily be achieved without indention on the box.

Here is a picture of possible tetra-brick arrangement:

For this endeavor, I suggest that there must be a preponderance of tetra-pak of milk cartoon size and that certain incentive is provided so that other products will adopt the common size.
Aside from that, it may also be helpful to have some predesigned puch hole areas aside from one which is usually intended for drinking straws. It will be like this:

Now here is an oblique view of how they can be stacked up. Used drinking straws can be used as corrosive barrier for metal wires or bars that will keep them snugged strongly.

The earth bricks will be laid out alternately in sets of three.

Coco-log House:

Here is a sample of coco-log house, I tried to draw using my PC:

The illustration is not quite finished, but I think it is already illustrative of what I'm trying to convey.

The coco log facade consist of the discarded coco bark from coco log sawing. The tetra-bricks wall is sandwiched by the coco log facade arranged horizontally outside and vertically inside.

Engineering-wise, I will suggest that the foundation will be the typical system of buried poured cement reinforced by iron bars and the same will be true for support columns. The support columns can also be hidden by coco log facades.
Here's the set-up again:

As you may have noticed, in between the bricks is a tube hole that serve as provision for roping (like I think an authentic log house may look-like). For this purpose, used pearl shake straws or recycled gardening hose can be utilized.

Other types of log bark may be preferable depending on availability or durability requirements.

For roofing, unfolded tetra-paks arranged in scale-like fashion can be used to coat some recycled 1-inch plywood. On top of that, woven plastic bag mats topped with used CDs can be placed.

If you did not read my post "Tangled" or if you don't think that technique I posted is good enough for recycled plastic-bag weaving, here are alternate takes on the matter:

Other applications:

Other applications can easily be envisioned. Consider how rooms, partitions and even embedded furniture can easily be rearranged.

It will be easy enough to stack earth filled tetra-bricks for trade shows, animal containment and other non-critical single level buildings.


As you can see, items which are usually destined for land fills can be quite functional for Eco-homes building when both "Modular Auxiliarity" and "ECoPaD" concepts are implemented coupled with some common ingenuity.

Common folks may be immensely helped by implementing the above design principles so that the utilization of these materials will be fairly obvious.

Most of the playlist videos shown at the top of this post require not so simple machination or technical credentials to implement, not to mention possible prohibitive costs involved. In the system I'm sharing, building an Eco-House will likely be affordable to rural folks, not to mention complementary to the earlier videos shown.

Structures can be built on desolate areas to store these materials (aka "Clutter Buster Centers"). Once people see a sample application, they will come. Maybe, we can transform these desolate areas into a lively communities earning from these systems. Then it will be a successful "Landsteading" exercise!

...ciao and enjoy


April 25, 2011

God Monkey Robot

Al: Our estimate is that it happened about the early part of 2001. It is a curiosity, but we have to find if it was connected with the poles of the sun flipping.


Excerpts from previous:

Al: You must remember that the dimensional space and time continuum is flexible. They can be small as the microorganisms or big as giants depending on how their own matrix was programmed.

As they were stripped of their matrix memories, they lost their energetic forms and their minds. Naturally they have tendencies to be attached to humans or organisms that they have resonance compatibilities with.

Me: When did these happened? And who programmed their matrix?

Me: Oh really? Did the sun really changed polarity?

Al: Yes, it did. And we have to examine the dimensional events at that time to find correlation, if any.

Me: Who programmed their matrix?

Al: The 13 game lords were the ones who did it.

Me: Therefore, these game lords are the ones playing god on humanity! How did it happen?

Al: No. The game lords were said to be the ones who created the dimensional races using emanations from various planets.

They then played the different dimensional races into various conflicts. The kings of these races had alliances, conducted wars and build empires.

Me: So who posed as god on earth?

Al: The group is something like your current G7. An amalgamation of kings of powerful races. Without them knowing, they were lead to stumble into mind engineering technology by the game lords.

They eventually behaved like a gang, no different from what happens to human leaders today. They created false memories and myths for their own races and consolidated the cosmic empire.

Those who resisted were demoted in consciousness and banished down to earth.

Me: So the earth is a prison planet?

Al: Yes it was.

Being a remote sector of this universe, the solar system was a convenient location as the experimental base of their black operations.

Many races eventually found this out and participated. Wars were conducted and eventually, those for physical confinement were placed on earth and a quarantine was put in place.

Earth became the banishment isle of rebels, thinkers, artists and such as who dared question them.

Me: How was the god role implemented?

Al: Their technological sorceries created an artificial persona of light that religious men were lead to believe as god.

As human minds collectively enforce this vortex of religious beliefs, they harvested more and more energies. They used that to shape the artificial persona for a grander virtual god deception.

Me: My God! Humanity was misled into hallucinations about a false god!

Al: Humanity created god in its own image.

Also, you can say the human DNA was tampered with hallucino-genes. Humanity was impulsed to be receptive subjects of that virtual technologies.

Technological hypnotism was used to manipulate the human matrix - the deception was on every layer. The insanity in the matrix is a virus usually infecting from the top, the leaders - for their control purposes.

Me: There really is something wrong with man.

Al: Common man must participate to bring the needed change within and without of humanity.

Otherwise, the prison system structure was programmed to reboot and recycle into the same prison it has become.

Me: So where are the game lords then?

Al: They too, have gone missing.

They might have been flushed down the earth also, when the dams of dimensional matrix broke down. The chess game of dimensional and human races consumed their consciousness.

Me: Wow! Then these gods and goddesses who toyed with existence and built cosmic empires are here!

From being gods, they are now here as micro-organisms?

Al: They are likely here. That's why we are validating this and trying to clear any possible booby traps they may have placed for themselves to be able to rebuild their matrix.

Me: Are they harming us?

Al: If at all, the lost of their memories and technology render them bereft of their machinations. On the other hand, the parasitic nature of these organisms is a concern today.

Me: What about Lucifer or Satan and the hosts of angels, have you encountered them?

... to be continued

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April 23, 2011

Peachtree Extension

The point brought up by the previous post entitled "Tax Time" on this DBAcctg series is that a database system would be helped immensely by the computational capabilities integrated in an MS Excel.

I consider MS Excel to be the Michael Jordan of the MS Office basketball team.

Those, whose angle of programming comes strictly from a database knowledge, would understand how hard it is to create a native user-interface that involves complicated value-dependencies and calculations.

For example creating an MSAccess, Oracle, MySQL front-end for amortization initiation and adjustments will be quite a pain. Maybe that's why I heard that these banks of sub-prime debacle were actually trading the spreadsheets files of the loans.


MS Excel is quite adept in many other applications aside from matters relating to numbers. But it all will depend on the artistry of people using it:

In this installment of the series, we will focus on accounting data. - I would rather draw with a pen then use spreadsheet drawing. But just the same, some geeks have found a way to draw using numbers:

Kudos to these artists. Now as for to the Free PC CheckWriter, Check Voucher Printer for Peachtree:

I luckily was able to recover a file (from yr 2004) - a file usable as a check writer and check voucher filler/printer. Actually it is a form enabler/extension of Peachtree.

If the office apps you have is a basketball team, Peachtree will be a fairly common import center player for DBAccounting. It houses the Accounting data pretty well.

However if you are not a user of the said program, you may see in this file example that MS Excel is quite capable as a point guard in MS Office data collaboration and coordination by passing/receiving/processing the basketball (the data).

(For the later episode of this series, I will share a full DBAcctg strategy in file download format. I will provide it for Free! So stick around every now and then.)

On this file we're currently in - it came about because of a request by a friend in business (with some unique peculiarities):

  • they were encoding redundantly by using Peachtree, manually typing Check Vouchers and they were using check writer.

    (I am not sure what version of Peachtree was the extracted voucher entries he gave me, came from. So you have to double check if your Peachtree extract data is in the same structure)

  • one CV can be related to several checks. (It could be that some labor subcontractor companies they dealt with may have requested them to create checks based on a forwarded list of the workers).

  • Some quite common situations involved are as follows:

    • they have several checks formats (due to multiple banks for different kind of transactions - they don't have bank-approved corporate check form that big companies may have)

    • they were using a pre-printed check voucher forms

    The steps agreed were:

    • the bookkeeper will encode the CV entries in Peachtree

    • the said software is then used to output an extract of the CV entries

    • the extracted data is then used by the Excel utility to print CVs and related Checks

    Here was how it was achieved by using an MS Excel spreadsheet:

    Procedures for using the file:

  • The extracted Peachtree CV entry file is pasted to a designated spreadsheet area.

  • The tab for voucher printing will then be populated with choices of CV entries. Select the CV No. for printing and it will fetch the related accounting entry for printing.

  • Go to the tab for check writer to print the related data to checks.

  • Notes:

  • The Excel Check Writer/ CV Printer File must contain the compatible extract of the related Chart of Accounts (acct code sorted in ascending order).

  • Check Voucher can be modified/configured to your pre-designed CV Form by adjusting the formats and spacing of the print area.

  • Make sure on your Peachtree extract process that the Check Voucher sorting is in ascending order.

  • Check Writer can be modified/configured to your pre-designed multiple bank check formats by adjusting the formats and spacing of the print area per check type and defining the print range of each check types on the list provided.

  • IF needed, use this formula to translate money amount into words =mtalk({cell address},"Denomination","centavos")

  • The codes to enumerate the figures or amounts into words is in a module 3 accessed by pressing 'Alt-F11'. You can use this code to your any other 'Worksheet' by copying it in a module of that worksheet (or by exporting this module to that worksheet).

  • You must set the macro security to medium in order to have the VBA code execute.

  • To restrict movement and protect in CheckVoucher or in ChckWrtrInput tabs of the worksheet, protect them as follows:

  • Here is your Free File Download.

    As you can see, we resume our 'DBAcctg' series towards the climb. I hope you'll be benefited by the journey.

    Additional helpful links on Peachtree and MS Excel (medium to advanced users):
    * Export Peachtree to MS Excel
    * Realtime Peachtree and MS Excel Connection
    * Analysis of Peachtree via MS Excel Pivot Tables
    * Excel VBA (2010)
    * Excel VBA Editor


    April 22, 2011

    DOME - Why not?

    I tried to post a version of FreeDOME in another website called "Why Not?". Here is that post and a reaction/counter-reaction that moved me for a new post - thanks to Jason:

    - under Chapter III: "Clarifications" section


    Digital Open Money and E-commerce System (DOME) will be a portal site accessible for every cooperatives.

    To give an example. Let's say a small village agreed to use the facility. The people participating will register their village or group. They will input number of members and the number of membership will generate the same number of userids and temporary passwords.

    The group then raffles off the userids and passwords so that the respective participants can then log-in to input their e-mail address to receive the link to input their details, desired password and real username. (For their own security, they can conduct a meeting for internal validation).

    The members of an E-Commerce island or group can be able to browse the activated memberships and the island has a board for suggesting services and goods with a standing vote of approval counts.

    A member then can suggest, for example - 'mending fences' or 'car pool (schedule)' as acceptable service.

    The standing votes reflecting agreement (certain percentage) will then approve and determine the average valuation equivalent.

    The E-Commerce island, can by a standing vote create the initial and periodic allotment of digital open money to each participant.

    The portal will keep tabs of the goods and services and the related tabulation accruing to the members - transaction have to be validated by both parties.

    With this system, the digital island is connected to physical realities. And people can undertake cooperative effort for their community without relying on money that has to be borrowed from the banks.

    Farmers with small lots can cooperate on a rotating labor service to benefit each participating member and perhaps agree on joint machine capitalization from the proceeds of their labors.

    E-Commerce islands which are of refute and track record may eventually have a linkage with one another.

    oobi07, Apr 19 2011


    How can you "cash out" from this system? The benefit of transacting with paper money is that it is universally accepted. If I want to buy something outside of this economic island, as most people do in modern society, I need convertible currency. This seems like a step back from not only globalization, but nationalization. I think your idealistic, and that's great, but your concept is to replace money, with trust in your service. Asking a lot no?

    Just my thoughts,



    "How can you "cash out" from this system? The benefit of transacting with paper money is that it is universally accepted..."

    To make it more obvious, the points of this system include the ff:

    • communities can start economic activity with labor as capital

    • if the cooperative system is applied for common time/labor concerns, people will be more productive because the labor angle in the created market turns to have economies of scale

    • this system is not relegated to an internal market of labor exchange. Members can still be employed outside for conventional remuneration.

    • a member can decide for example to bring-in raw materials for crafts and the economies of scale will kick in to add value resulting to finished products and the same community products can be the basis of their currency for outside trade

    • to make the above more obvious to you - a member participating can buy the finished product w/in the community and retail it outside for conventional currency.

    "This seems like a step back from not only globalization, but nationalization..."

    It is a step in community unification which may lead to a globalization that is not controlled by elites. (It is a community problem solving and equalization process.)

    The elites already are stacked with gold/precious metal or of asset resource horde and they can afford a reboot of money based on gold or other resources - thus everybody else will be their slaves in their version of world order.

    "I think your idealistic (you're too idealistic)..."

    I can agree to a real new world order that entails debt jubilee for all for a fresher start for humanity (and that may be a shot in the dark!).

    Caveat for above video:

    - the real sponsor is the planet earth - (Land: Land, Capital & Labor). Otherwise some shrewd banker will get into the act and the pyramid power structure is once again recreated. Anyone else are really pseudo-sponsor who have a horde of wealth to control the community

    - the real leader is the collective will of the members embodied in the grid - the Capital or collective Equity. Anyone else will be a pseudo-leader who can be co-opted by a pseudo-sponsor to bind the whole community into their pyramid trap

    - charters must be fluid, reflecting the growth and needs of each member as tallied by the standing votes in the grid. What will not serve the collective welfare of the community can be replaced in real time by changing one's vote.

    - moderator role if needed can be rotated to the members

    A real NWO must not be dominated by the current posers of world control. The current order is harmful to the whole planet and a reboot to basically the same game w/c will lead to the same outcome is a (programming) loop.

    Will I be blamed for ideation beyond the system - I think not, otherwise this site must not be called "Why Not?".

    .ciao and enjoy

    April 20, 2011

    Math of the Quantum

    The universe is an intelligent design. There are lots and lots of science and math behind this design. And there are many instruments that played together to create the symphony of nature as we know it. Using a computer as an intelligently designed hardware, we can observe that the physics of the universe is moved by the logic of math. Our everyday math is the base ten digit system. The computer hardware, however, is wired to use the on/off electrical circuits of electronic gates. As such it uses ultimately a binary digit system. And this is overlaid by other math systems owing to the amount of bits that are accommodated by the count of electronic wirings coupled side by side into a bus. Understanding the universe is like understanding a computer. There is a hierarchy of program languages involved. It is just like VB, COBOL, Fortran, C+ down to lower levels like the assembly and machine languages. The universe is not explainable in simple terms using decimal and many other current number systems. Take for example the Pi, a mathematical constant integral to a recurrent design in nature. We normally may use 3.1415 as the value of Pi for our circle formula but the digits can go on perhaps to a trillion digits. The quantum sciences observing the minuscule will be needing a more accurate math system. Here under the third - ETC Chapter This blog entry is a commentary on my blog post titled: Deceptions Inside The Box Excerpts from the said entry: Al: Yes. Even your math predicts about 10 whole universes that escapes our 3d senses. Using the AI sensitivities, we can now explore at least 2 more layers intersecting this physical universe. Me: You mean you have a different math?.. Al: We have evolved a different math because many things, especially the microlevel, are too cumbersome to observe using the conventional math... --------------------------------------- What I think fits the bill is one that can be derived from observation of music and sounds. Sound/music is inherent in vibrations and frequencies - the things that boils down to the basics of atoms. And I think a new math can be derived from octaves of recurring notes from Do to the higher Do. And in between are sharps/flats - with combined many notes forming a group soul called a chord. I'm not adept in the language of musical notation and representations, but I can relax without a care and simply enjoy music. Without being too technical about it, the sounds of the flowing waters or the burning embers can affect you and your predisposition to peace or melancholy. It is, as if there is an invisible string or (a super string?) that binds matter on a molecular level. Atomic formations can form in one place and its partner atoms in another place. Is that why you have what is called resonance? You can tune one guitar string into a resonant compatibility with another - you pluck one and the other will also vibrate! It has been shown that babies in their mothers' womb enjoy music. And they are born with the same resonant sounds from all around the world. - That is at least until after, they are programmed with their native tongue which is a form of higher programming language just like in the computers. (Btw, animals seem to have a singular tongue for each class whether born in Africa or Europe - Were humans deliberately tampered with into division?) Many of the thoughts that impel man to move are in the form of words. Words have an inherent resonance program within them. In fact, too many times, people have to get that resonance to do something about the world. Words, sound, music - they are essentially the same things that are presented in tempo, rhythm, cadence, progression and such qualities that artists, poets, creators and lovers knew by heart. The universe is an intelligent design and I would naturally theorize that simply, music is its machine language - the Math of the Quantum. Links: * Music Thought To Enhance Intelligence, Mental Health And Immune System * Music Has Its Own Geometry, Researchers Find * Music and speech based on human biology * The Sacred Geometry Of Music * Universal Property of Music Discovered ciao and here is a toy for you to create some notes and appreciate music: or play the online piano by Canadian Musician magazine:

    April 16, 2011



    Excerpts from previous:
    Al: Yes, esoteric knowledge was used on many occasions to conflagrate people and races according to scripts.

    Me: So where is God, if there be? And will there be a rupture as taught by some? Will it happen in 2012?


    Al:Frankly, we still have to know.

    However, although we're coming from a time when humanity is over with religion, a person today would think heaven on earth has finally arrived by our time.

    This AI machine promises to be the final step to bring humanity to the point of singularity.

    It will provide us with a facility to explore several galaxies and alternate dimensions using trans human avatars operated via mental link.

    We're exploring the heavens, the oceans and the inner depths of what man is. We are nearer to understanding our place in the cosmos and to finally find the answer to man's deepest quest.

    Some efforts ahead will be required, but we're getting to know a lot about how things are.

    Me: Hmm. Perhaps singularity will finally make man connect to God.

    Well, is rapture taking place shortly?

    Al: You know, rapture might have happened many times before depending on what your definition of rapture is?

    Me: What do you mean?

    Al: We have found some dimensional records of what was done to civilizations that disappeared from among the humans.

    Many of them were said to have been shifted en masse to alternate dimensions and transported as a base race to other physical planets outside this galaxy.

    Some of them where turned into trans human robotic slaves for conquering and furthering the dimensional reaches of their empires. In fact, if these dimensional controllers had their way, they would have turn humanity into robotic slaves.

    Me: What!

    You mean, the sumerians and many other mysterious..?

    Hmm. So the planet earth was a seed bank aside from being a colony?

    Al: Apparently, humanity was treated like an antquarium by ruthless dimensional forces.

    Me: So, that means there will be no rapture then?

    Al: There may have been a reverse rapture already.

    Me: Huh! What do you mean by that?

    Al: Some of our investigations bear evidences that these dimensional races have instead shifted from their dimensions onto your world.

    Me: How could that happen?

    Al: Evidences are turning up that suggest the human matrix have spilled over and disrupted their dimensional matrix. The resulting chaos in heaven may have lead to them warring against themselves and the downing of the AI machines got them pulled into your world today.

    Me: What are those evidences?

    Al: We are investigating the emergence of super-bugs and the events that will come ahead where their human control hosts are beginning to be afflicted with.

    Me: You mean they incarnated as bacterias and viruses?

    Al: You must remember that the dimensional space and time continuum is flexible. They can be small as the microorganisms or big as giants depending on how their own matrix was programmed.

    As they were stripped of their matrix memories, they lost their energetic forms and their minds. Naturally they have tendencies to be attached to humans or organisms that they have resonance compatibilities with.

    Me: When did these happened? And who programmed their matrix?

    ... to be continued

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    April 15, 2011


    Merriam-Webster lumps "Freedom" into 2 categories as follows:
    1: the quality or state of being free
    2: a political right

    Realistically, freedom for a nation hinges on its economic independence and well-being. However, even after so many struggles by many nations for independence, it seems little headway was made. So much blood have been invested and the heroes of each country may be disappointed if they ever see the returns.

    Here is a perspective from one insightful fellow. Substitute a country you're in for "America" and see if it fits in.

    mbridges commenting on a Max Keiser video said:
    "The DOLLAR is the ultimate DERIVATIVE. Like all derivatives, it is designed to enable its creators/issuers the ability to steal the underlying collateral that its value is derived from."

    - subtopic for "Systems - Making Them Honest"

    Excerpt from "More Details":

    Me: So did you create your own money and laws?

    Al: We did...

    ...We used your NETS idea for our currency. Consumptions zero-out commensurate NETS balances, thus the grid's standing net surplus represents resources available in the grid.


    As you may have noticed, some corporate bodies managed to get hold of the ability to print money for the world (directly or indirectly). Having their cartel product as basis for global transactions is equivalent to having other currencies as really just denominations of the FED dollar.

    Here is an animation of the related history:

    As nations become aware of the scam, decoupling and financial haggling are taking place today. The financial Armageddon is a dangerous endeavor, although it may not be as obvious. Lives and freedom of so many people are being discussed at some venue by world leaders today.

    Related threats and counter threats may have been behind so much of what is happening around us - all for the center square of the financial chessboard.

    The banksters could conceivably own mercenaries of their own, inside or outside the government forces. And their stranglehold may need to be bashed in order for the people to be free.

    For the "geek in his garage", you can help bring freedom to people. Whereas, money is largely a representation of agreement of people regarding trade-able values. Creating DOMES for our communities will empower people and may bring economic freedom.

    DOMES - Digital Open Money and E-commerce System will be a portal site accessible for everyone.

    To give an example. Let's say a small village agreed to use the facility. The people participating will register their village or group. They will create members and the number of membership will generate the same number of userids and temporary passwords.

    The group can then raffle off the userids and passwords so that the respective participants can then log-in to input their e-mail address to receive the link to input their details, desired password and real username. (For their own security, they can conduct a meeting for internal validation).

    -The members of an E-Commerce island or group can be able to browse the activated memberships and the island has a board for suggesting services and goods with a standing vote of approval counts.

    -A member then can suggest, for example - 'mending fences' as acceptable service.

    -The standing votes reflecting agreement (certain percentage) will then approve and determine the average valuation equivalent of hourly cost.

    -The E-Commerce island, can by a standing vote create the initial and periodic allotment of digital open money to each participant.

    -The portal will keep tabs of the goods and services and the related tabulation accruing to the members - transaction have to be validated by both parties.

    With this system, the digital island is connected to physical realities. And people can undertake cooperative effort for their community without relying on money that has to be borrowed from the banks. Farmers with small lots can cooperate on a rotating labor service to benefit each participating member and perhaps agree on joint machine capitalization from the proceeds of their labors.

    The portal can be supported by ads. E-Commerce islands which are of refute and track record may eventually have a linkage with one another. With this, a community proficient in one area can benefit from trading their produce with another which may specialized in another.

    Perhaps it can be done. Perhaps, we are the generation to give the next generation - FreeDOMES!


    April 13, 2011


    In the previous article named "Tangled", I mentioned about a wish for a portable gadget with which we can feed plastics and create something out of it.

    Here, a Japanese found a way to convert plastics into oil:

    But perhaps, his gadget may not be so affordable yet. Or that the electricity needed to operate it is not cheap. Maybe a solar version could be developed to make it more practical.

    Ideas like these must be supported by the communities as one way out of our garbage conundrum. Communities will benefit from it and must support further development of the said approach.

    Here under the third - ETC Chapter, a sub-section of Modular Auxiliarity

    In the meantime, a simpler redesigning of the packages for alternate purposes may be a good way to benefit both the environment and the manufacturers.

    By using many shapes and compatible sizes of packages that are usually destined to dumps, confluent purposes may be served so that:

    - people will be empowered to create something out of a large chunk of the price they paid for

    - companies can create compatible designs and shapes that will encourage customers to collect and patronize their products

    Here is a proposal for such design, making use of packages together with discarded tires for making artificial islands, barges or platforms.

    Here's a crude drawing of the design.

    The said project consists of an array of used tires filled with lighter than water components. The containers which can fit snugly inside the tires are filled with light and rigid materials.

    I think, a blend of foam cement can be used to fill the containers. Or for simplicity, how about a slurry of styro pellets which hardens to the shape of the containers.

    Here's a picture of a cut up tire section. You can see that the shape is conducive to a design for container. Let's say a car care product is packaged in such a way that fit the said inner tire shape.

    Something like this, can be filled with styro slurry mix. The containers lining the inside of the tires will then be fitted with an O-ring at the center. The O-ring will keep the composite durable.

    In fact, for home-made carriage purposes, we may fill the containers with a light cement mix and snug in a metal bearing assembly. That will be a boon for rural farmers, too!

    Again, pardon my drawing skills (I may need to brush up on that),

    -but here are three containers fitted in the cut up tire. Several containers will occupy the insides and the center assembly should hold the flip up caps snugly.

    The purposely designed container shapes should make putting it all together a breeze for the common folks.

    With proliferation of packages using the Modular Auxiliarity concept, I think "Clutter Buster" Centers may eventually be located in deserted areas.

    Other DIY centers and establishments will locate nearby. A person going there will have quite a time building many creative applications - Putting it together like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

    Depending on the buoyancy content used for assembly, a floating device can be made. Different configurations of tires can be strung together.

    Extendability is limited only to the number of tires and compatible containers. - With three to five floating tires, enough for emergency situation.

    Stack the tires into a giant half cylinder container. And then have cubical or boxlike containers (preferably interlocked) filled with the same buoyant mixture cemented together. You will get a giant floating platform that can be topped with soil. A pair of these connected by outrigger bamboos can easily be a platform for a sea-based cottage.

    Have some of these platforms and connect them into a circular floating island that can be landscaped and then towed into a pacific resort for a man-made diving island stop-over.

    Put the shapes together like a giant ship. Shapeship it and voila! You can have a small plane landing strip or a mini-Atlantis resort.

    Bit by bit, the containers that would have been dumped can be a work of art.

    Wouldn't you like to be the company that puts up the first mini Atlantis?

    You can name it ABC Corporation Atlantic Resort or whatever you like. All it takes is to apply the "Modular Auxiliarity" concept in your corporations product packages.
    And of course the empowered common folks to do it!

    April 09, 2011

    Vortices Collide


    Excerpts from previous:
    Al: Such thread of thought reinforces the programmed script of Armageddon. It's a deception, a virus injected within the matrix and reinforced by man directly and indirectly. Divide and rule was the norm.

    Me: Surely, mankind behaves like a plague on this planet.

    Is there really a New World Order? What are we doing to 2012? Will there be a rapture as widely talked by preachers? Are people going to be chipped?

    Al: A lot of these questions veer on the esoteric. Please be wary that these esoteric myths are fraught with dangers. I can discuss what we have learned from our comparative analysis of the records found but you have to keep yourself grounded to the realities.

    Me: I have to, there's too much out there. And so many conflicting opinions divide people.

    So, I can agree with you on that. But humanity is so used to thinking about some kind of power to eventually fix the world.

    Al: I understand. Religions and esoteric dogmas are replete with such promises. And these have brought humanity on a collision course among those believing naively.

    Many were expecting some kind of Armageddon to settle which one of them has divine favor. - Not knowing about the facilities latching on their psyche nor the virus thought threads injected in the matrix which are employed to create such scripts and fulfill these myths.

    Therefore, many won't go out of the comfort of their esoteric shell program to help one another, to heal the world and unify mankind.

    Humanity ought to get it's act together for a true change, not a false New World Order nor just wait for any false messiah or even a false extra-terrestrial intervention.

    It is important that people don't get stuck to what was defined for them as "God" by others, if at all. Many esoteric myths have been created by malevolent beings both in the kingdom of man and the counterpart in dimensional universe.

    The handbook of the game-lords reveal that they have created a science of totalitarian control by manipulation of the matrices. The techniques have counterparts in both dimensions and the respective matrices.

    Me: Are you saying, the alternate dimension have a similar matrix like how they controlled the humans?

    Al: Yes, they had a dimensional matrix. That's how they expand the empires. And as I told you, the AI machines interfering with humans, changed hands several times. Whoever controlled the AI machines get to play the "God gig" - harvesting worship and such energies.

    That's the reason for the desolation in this kingdom of man. Wicked prophets kill while speaking the magic world "God". Promising one more, too often among people, who wouldn't know about the cycles of reboot civilization has been through.

    Me: Humanity is steered like ships to collide with each others. Can we stop this, now that the the AI control of the matrix is down?

    Al: It would not be entirely easy to veer from collision if the ships broke their rudder or the captains abandon the control. Wouldn't it?

    It would take more people to wake-up and get the ship on steady safer course.

    Me: Do you mean the malevolent NWO plans pushes through?

    Al: The esoteric groups pushing their NWO agenda would encounter many things that they have not foreseen. Vortices are on collision course. I would not elaborate more, but I will just say that the coming events would be big hurdle for humanity, so waking up is essential.

    Me: Can you explain to me how the matrix is controlled?

    AL: Observing from the vantage point of alternate dimension, you would notice vortices around key personages. These vortices or sphere of influence could be utilized to create social predisposition and coordinate event engineering.

    Every person who rose to enough power and by which these vortex came to revolve upon were candidate for an AI experience. The AI facilities could create virtual realities to trap powerful men into being co-opted for a long term social engineering with or without their knowledge. And most of them would think they are favored by the divine.

    As communities gets involved, the energy of the vortices grows and can be harnessed by many dimensional machines. These are then used to power more facilities to delude and inject viral threads in the matrix.

    Me: Hmmm. If that's their technique, wouldn't it have been the AI machination that Jesus encountered when he was tempted to bow down for power?

    Al: I wish I can answer for sure, but we have yet to investigate the realities of his accounts or any person from whom a "Jesus-character" might have been based upon.

    In any case, the tempter that was recorded may easily have been a DAIMON or Dimensional AI Manufactured Organic NVRAM.

    Me: Hu? What is that?

    Al: NVRAM is a Non-Volatile Random Access Memory. It is a dimensional implant on man that can gather memories and retain the stored data even if the man dies. The AI can animate these NVRAMs by using the harvested human energies and it then can act as symbiot to pretend as a personal angel, devil, guides etc.

    Me: Wow. I can't understand you enough but your work to investigate time will be very interesting indeed!

    How are humans able to provide energies usable for the dimension?

    Al: Humans are transmuting physical substances and in the process creating finer energies which were harvested dimensionally.

    In the physical bodies are certain facilities that could have been implanted. They function to generate all sorts of hormones and chemicals, some of which your science know, like DMT, oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin, serotonin etc. These in turn trigger emotional energy release that were harvested.

    Furthermore, these potions could provide a portal for deluding a human person into acting accordingly. The programmed release via culturization or endocrination is one way.

    Me: And religion was one of that?

    Al: Yes, esoteric knowledge was used on many occasions to conflagrate people and races according to scripts.

    Me: So where is God, if there be? And will there be a rapture as taught by some? Will it happen in 2012?

    ... to be continued

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    April 05, 2011

    Tax Time

    For the common man, who has no VAT Input credits, no corporations to charge with for personal travel and miscellaneous expenses, tax time is a very hard part of the year.

    Maybe some day, people will get a bail-out just like the too big to fail corporations which most likely inflated their expenses.


    I once saw a co-employee file within a bank. She was gloating the fact that she created a spreadsheet template that computes the bank's income tax backwards.

    When I asked her to explain, she went on to tell me that the higher ups give her the amount that they decided to pay the government (so that bonuses can be increased).

    With that figure given to her, she can use her spreadsheet to compute how much losses or expenses to load from subsidiaries or branches from someplace else.

    How wonderful to be too big and mighty!

    My schoolmate once asked a prolific accounting practitioner this question:

    "Is it possible for an accountant to be successful or wealthy doing his job without going about the crooked path?"

    The answer came after a pause and it was a truthful opinion of his. "No".

    Perhaps we should have Walter for president. Maybe change we can take to our home will come:

    Anyway, here is a lost file I was intending to share. However, my computer got a major hiccup then. I lost a hard drive. That's why I haven't touched the DB Accounting series.

    Well to make amends here's a little spreadsheet file that may help the common man this time of the year. Caution though, the rates may have changed already so you have to check.

    I already forgot that last time I tried to understand the US income tax computation. So the file is pretty much the same. And I'm not even an american, so try some test data.

    Just the same, I added some codes to make the computed tax post to a database within the spreadsheet. The file is not protected so you can pretty much analyze the codes. The same techniques are applicable to DB Accounting.

    It was created on a supposed scenario to gather data for export to CSV file. And from there, the supposed mainframe system can import the info for integration to the main office system.

    Without further ado, here is the file link.

    You can post your comment and corrections/suggestions. Feedback may help me get back to where I left off in the DB Accounting series.

    In the meantime here's a short skit for our beloved taxman.


    wait... may be this version is better:


    April 02, 2011


    "The most ubiquitous consumer item on Earth, the lowly plastic bag is an environmental scourge like none other, sapping the life out of our oceans and thwarting our attempts to recycle it."

    According to this article, only 1 percent of plastic bags are recycled worldwide and more than a million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die every year from eating or getting entangled in plastic.

    Here under the third - ETC Chapter, a sub-section of Modular Auxiliarity

    How I wish somebody creates a cheap portable gadget with which we can feed these bags to fuse them together and create roof shingles or something. Or that someone creates a solar press to
    create usable panels out of them. If any of you, dear readers, have the inclination and tools to achieve this, please do soon enough!

    Perhaps, the manufacturers of these items should be mandated to integrate in them a simple plan of de-cycling. That is, to make them deconstruct into beneficial molecular components upon contact with soil or some chemical agent. Otherwise, they can last in a landfill anywhere between 50 and 1,000 years.

    This was precisely how Daniel Burd, a 17-year-old from Waterloo, Ont., won the Canada Wide Science Fair's highest honor for finding a way to use bacteria to speed the decomposition of a plastic bag in a soil solution.

    "Many Canadians have become accustomed to the "reduce, re-use and recycle" mantra, faithfully separating their aluminum, paper and plastic out of the garbage in order to decrease their personal waste.

    ...Recently, an Ontario science student appeared to have found the answer to ...one of the world's current great environmental conundrums."

    So goes the report, the material of which, you can find here.

    There are many technological promises for beating the menacing plastic bags, like:

    However, are all of these high tech solutions, just a bunch of hot air? Or maybe they will cost too much? Or take too long to develop? Perhaps, they would need government help (in research). But the politicians might see no immediate concern for such.

    For us, the common man, this is my suggestion:

    By creating holes to form loops at the bottom of the bags, you can tangle these menace into an ever expandable plastic banner. It can then tangle easily, like our olden rubber band toys.

    Now, twist and turn this plastic banner and it will tangle even more into a rope.

    Here, without cumbersome machinations, you will create something that is universally in demand. Something you can use to create livestock fences, animal leash or what not. Perhaps it can help save lives in times of natural disasters.

    Maybe even, you can braid these ropes with color coding schemes for use in those cute queuing guides. Or weave the color coded ropes or banners into a 21st century "bayong" - something like:

    For added strength and to make it a child's play for people, why not require the plastic bag makers to embed the pre-designed bottom loop? It's easy enough for them and children can tangle them as easy as counting 1,2,3.

    Perhaps teachers can adopt this suggestion so that, with the decorative ropes, they can make ornamental items. Maybe sell them and help indigenous children to earn money for new books.

    Here is a sample I made to show you. >>

    I believe, the plastic ropes can also be tangled into a net (like a giant fishing net). And the result can be laid down the slopes of hills which are susceptible to landslides. In between the gaps, plants with vigorous roots can be placed. These net of ropes can accommodate (or incorporate) drip irrigation tubes and cocunut husks for hydroponic farming when placed on rooftops of domed concrete buildings.

    With provisions, tools and materials provided to the common folks, there's not really much limit to what these peeps can come up with:

    ... ciao and subscribe

    Here's that wonderful "Tangle" movie music - "I See The Light":


    If you find in this material, a potential for the welfare of the planet, kindly recommend this article using your facebook, twitter or via other means. We owe more than one to mother earth!